I really enjoy writing. I do an awful lot of it, mostly in the space of computer technologies, but also theological topics as well.

I have recently begun writing some blogs on Medium, which is an online magazine. I’m concentrating on topics in both the computer technology and theology spaces. On Medium I started a theological series called “The Story of the Scapegoat,” in which I want to take readers down the road to help them understand the so-called “scapegoat” as spoken of in Leviticus 16 in the Bible. There’s a ton of very interesting history and detail that lurks behind this story, and it deserves a long look!

I have started writing a book I’ve entitled “Teaching Cybersecurity to High School Students.” I hope to publish in on Kindle Desktop Publishing (KDP) sometime in May. My goal for the book is to provide a resource for teachers who are interested in branching into this (technologically difficult) realm.

During the COVID pandemic, when schools were forcing kids to stay home and we had to teach remotely, I started a YouTube channel called “TechTalk Education.” I still maintain that channel, and I enjoy creating content for my weekly movies. 

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A meme of someone using a fountain pen to write a document (in a foreign language).