About William (Bill) Heldman, Ph.D.

Hello and welcome! I’m Bill, an educator, theologian, linguist, technologist, and lifelong learner at heart. With a home base in the Denver Metro Area of Colorado, I’ve dedicated the better part of my career to the advancement of Career and Technical Education (CTE) instruction, particularly in the realms of Computer Science, Cybersecurity, and Machine Learning.

My Journey

My professional path has been a blend of academic achievement and practical experience. I hold a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Louisiana Baptist University and an extensive background in Information Technology and education, including principal licensure and teacher authorization from the University of Colorado Denver and Colorado State University, respectively. Before stepping into education, I navigated through twenty years in IT, assuming roles that escalated in responsibility, from a programmer and network supervisor to IT  manager for the City and County of Denver.

Educational Leadership

Since 2005, I’ve had the privilege of teaching at Warren Tech, Colorado’s premier CTE option school, where I’ve been instrumental in creating and nurturing programs in cybersecurity and game development. These initiatives not only prepare students for the evolving demands of the tech industry but also enable them to earn college credits through a strong partnership with a local community college.

I am a staunch advocate for STEM education, believing in its power to unlock students’ potential for academic and career achievement. My commitment extends beyond the classroom; I’ve contributed to setting computer science standards for Colorado and have shared my insights as a speaker at the annual Jeffcon conference, emphasizing the value of technical certifications.

Author, Content Creator, and Presenter

My passion for technology and education is further evidenced by my authorship of 14 technical certification study guides and numerous technical articles. My work aims to demystify complex concepts and make them accessible to a broader audience. When the pandemic outbreak occurred, I started a YouTube channel called TechTalk Education. I’ve uploaded dozens of movies to this channel and I have hundreds of subscribers. I hope you’ll subscribe to it as well!

Recognition and Contributions

My efforts have not gone unnoticed. I’ve been honored as the high-school teacher of the year by the Colorado Association of Science Teachers and a finalist in the Colorado Succeeds prize competition for excellence in education. Additionally, I’ve played a pivotal role in underprivileged youth’s lives as a CompTIA ITF+ instructor at the Porter Billups Leadership Academy at Regis University in Denver.

A Personal Note

When I’m not teaching, writing, or speaking about technology and education, I indulge in linguistic activities, focusing on languages like Hebrew, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Norwegian (Bokmål) and French. My diverse interests reflect my belief in continuous learning and personal growth.

Thank you for visiting my page. Whether you’re a student, educator, professional, or simply a fellow lifelong learner, I hope you find inspiration in my journey.

Bill Heldman in Napa Valley, CA